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Jaws Gutters is a division of Jaws Construction. In 1994, Manassas, VA , Juan Sanchez formed his first company in the Northern VA bringing a variety of new products aimed at easing and reducing the cost of traditional home remodeling.


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Repairs & Installations

A time will come when your gutters need to be repaired or replaced. Properly functioning gutters can prevent damage to your yard, roof and the structure of your home.

Whether your gutters are broken, old, rusty or are leaking, all of these problems can cause issues to your home and yard.

When you invest in your gutters, you are also investing in the value of your home. When you need a reliable company to help you with your gutter repairs, call the professionals at Jaws Gutters.

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Fabrication & Installation

Gutters are an important feature of any residential or commercial structure. Though they might not look like they do much, they actually do! Gutters help to direct rainwater of off the roof, away from the house.

This prevents basement flooding, a leaking roof, termites, a ruined landscape, compromised structural integrity, cracked foundations, and other problems.

If your old gutters aren’t doing their job like they used to, or they have seen better days and need to be replaced, call Jaws Gutters. for the job.

Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning service includes the cleaning of the insides of the gutters and the downspouts. This is to ensure that rain water can flow properly.

Our service also includes the cleanup of all debris from the roof and the gutters. Our goal is to make the property look like it did before we got there.

This includes blowing off all decks, patios, front porches, walkways, and driveways. As well as blowing through bushes and beds in the front or back of the homes. We will rake and bag when necessary.

Copper & Aluminum Gutters

Copper Gutters and other Copper Gutter Supplies are Bold, Elegant, and Sophisticated. A Timeless Classic!!!

When only the very best will do, look no further than Jaws Gutters for the finest quality copper gutter Fabrication. When your most discriminating clients come to you for an exceptional copper gutter system, you can trust the time-tested quality behind each of our products.

Available in over 21 pre-finished colors, aluminum gutters are relatively low maintenance and the amount of accessories available make it one of the easiest gutter systems to install.

We carry the popular K Style Gutter as well as Traditional Single Bead Gutter and Reverse Bead Half Round Gutter.

Residential & Commercial

Unlike companies that only offer “franchised“ gutter shields, we aim to meet the needs and budget of every homeowner.

Our licensed expert will take a look at your home and recommend the best gutter guards for leaves and other debris that tend to land on your roof.

Your type and slope of roof can also come into play when we help you select the best type of leaf protection to help you stop cleaning your gutters.

Rotten Wood Replacement

Jaws Gutters of Northern Virginia can repair your Fascia boards you might have rotten: we have licensed and bonded carpenter contractors.

Whatever you need, we will come to your site and give you our written estimate – call us or fill out our FREE Quote form.


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Simply put, Jaws Gutters is here to beautify your home and save you money. We offer budget oriented products for the price oriented buyer, and we proudly offer high end longer lasting products for the perfectionist. Our company employees & installers have combined for more than 35 years of experience in the home improvement field and our goal is to be the best of any home improvement company. How do we accomplish that? Simple: We do it right the first time. And if we mess something up, we come back and correct it. Our wish is to leave a big smile on your face for many years to come. Thank you for considering Jaws Gutters for your home improvement needs.


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