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The guttering system is located along the side of the roof of your home and they’re essential to prevent rainwater from overflowing and getting into your property’s foundation and walls. Gutters reroute water away from your property so it’s important they’re functional and clear of debris. Downspouts are also part of the guttering system and they’re pipes that redirect the water from the gutters to a drain.


If you want quality and durability, consider copper gutters and downspouts. Call Jaws Gutters if you’re looking for top-of-the-line copper gutters and downspouts in Manassas and surrounding areas in Northern VA. We’ve been in business since 1994, always providing high-quality gutter installation and repair services for commercial and residential clients.

Why copper gutters?


While copper gutters are more expensive than other types, copper is one of the best materials for your guttering system. For starters, copper gutters are seamless. They’re soldered rather than sealed, making the seals of the guttering less likely to get damaged. On the other hand, copper provides an aesthetic value no other material can achieve. Your home will definitely stand out, and as time goes on, you copper gutters will have this fantastic rustic look.


Stand out!

Durability: Copper gutters last more than other materials used for guttering. It won’t rust or corrode. When properly maintained, copper guttering can last up to 60 years. All you have to do is keep it free of leaves and debris, and getting it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Since copper gutters are soldered together and not sealed, you won’t experience leaks like homeowners with other types of gutters.

Aesthetic Value: Copper guttering makes a statement. With excellent craftsmanship, you can enhance the curb appeal of your property. As copper ages, a blue-green patina appears, providing a classic and elegant look to your home.

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