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Fascia Board Installation & Repair

Your roofing plays a major role in the protection of your home. Your gutter and fascia board are in charge of protecting your property from water damage and moisture. However, besides providing a key role of protection in your roofing system, it also has an aesthetic role because they complement your roofing by providing smooth and elegant edges.

Jaws Construction LLC is a full-service gutter and fascia board installation and replacement company working in the industry since 1994. We work for both commercial and residential clients no matter the size of the job. Located in Manassas, we offer our service to Northern Virginia at highly competitive prices. Whether you’d like a fascia board installation or a rotted fascia board repair, count on our team of licensed experts to deliver.

What is a Fascia Board?

The fascia is a board on the edge of your roofline that acts as a trim that connects with the gutters. The fascia and the guttering system are there to protect your roof, roof deck, and attic from getting damaged by water. The fascia holds the gutter in place and as a result, it’s quite visible from the exterior of your home. They’re usually made out of wood, but you can also find aluminum, vinyl, and plastic boards.

Fascia Boards Installation

As we previously mentioned, fascia is typically made out of wood. However, we customize the fascia board to better fit your needs and budget. There are several materials available that you can choose from. If you’d like to use aluminum, you can rest assured we’ll coat it with rust-proof or waterproof sealants to ensure longevity. Moreover, fiber cement and PVC materials are also available.

Fascia Boards Repair & Replacement

The fascia is a roof structure that’s closest to your gutters. If your gutters are clogged, your fascia board will be one of the first things to be damaged by water. Moreover, birds and insects tend to damage this part of your roofing. When you notice heavy discoloration it’s time to call in the professionals and get a siding repair service to your home. However, sometimes it’s better to replace the entire board to ensure protection. Either way, count on Jaws Construction LLC to provide you with a first-class service.


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